• About us

    We are a young company with a clear and specific vision, elaborate products that all kind of people can enjoy, particularly, people who suffer from celiac disease, diabetes and obesity. Since we began our journey in this industry, our main objective is to satisfy the needs of those who due to such health problems, can´t give themselves small tastes that we all deserve. That´s why we elaborate special candies that contain no added sugar or gluten and are also low in calories. Candies that can tempt all kind of people without blame, with flavors as rich as any other traditional manufacturing product that contains sugar.

    Our products are recommended for people who suffer from such diseases, or simply for those who want to control their weight. Among the many benefits they provide to our body, we can point out the generation of feeling of additional satiety and high intake of soluble fiber, ideal complement to improve intestinal transit and digestion of food.

    We elaborate our distinctive candies with high quality raw materials, under strict controls throughout the entire production process and we use only natural colorants and flavors. And of course, all our products contain no cholesterol or trans fat and are low in sodium.

    We are Benot for our line of chocolates and fruit candies. We are Golsa for our line of jelly beans in their different varieties. We are a temptation of no added sugar for everyone.