Our products are recommended for people suffering from diabetes, celiac disease, obesity or people who just want to control their weight.




- Are sugar free

- Are starch free


People suffering from this disease must control their blood glucose levels to minimize the effects of it and thus achieve a better life quality. Those that use carbohydrate counting to determinate their glycemia, should consider that our products should not be taken into account at the time of calculation, since the hydrates used in the composition were replaced by soluble fiber and polyalcohols.

The glycemic index is the measure of food capacity to increase the level of blood sugar after ingestion.

The glycemic index is the measure of food capacity (specifically, the carbohydrates they contain) to increase the level blood sugar (glucose) after ingestion. This index describes the differences between the carbohydrate ranking according to the effect they have on the glucose level. It is measured by comparing the response curve of glycemia (2 hours) of 10 healthy person average to the intake of 1.76 oz of food with respect to the intake of 1.76 oz of glucose. By choosing food with low GI we can reduce glucose blood fluctuations and insulin levels; that is the secret to minimize diabetes effects and also a weight loss way. This index compares the capacity of food to be metabolized as glucose, whose GI is 100 (100% of intake is transformed into glucose).

-Our products are made with raw materials that do not have rapid degradation in metabolism, they have very low GI (less than 10 for some and less than 30 for those who have milk chocolate).

-Our products are part of the low GI food group.















-  They are wheat free, oats free, barley free and rye free.

-  We also apply good manufacturing practices that ensure us avoid cross or casual contamination.

-  All the raw materials and supplies that enter our establishment comply with the characteristic of: gluten-free



-They are reduced in calories

- They provide soluble fiber

- They are trans fats free and ours semi-bitters chocolates are cholesterol free.

- They have low sodium content

In our sweets elaboration we replace the sources of carbohydrates with other ingredients partially metabolized, that is why they provide fewer calories than standard products of traditional production. On the other hand, by soluble fiber they provide, they generate satiety sensation that contributes to appetite control, necessary factor to be able to carry out on any diet type. Besides, they are trans fats free and have low sodium levels.

These are caloric differences contributed by our products instead standard and diet products:

- Our fruit candies provides only 50% calories from common fruit candies.

Calories per serving (1 fruit candy 0.52 oz) 22 Kcal.

- Our diet filled chocolates provides only 35% calories from other filled chocolates.

Calories per serving (1 diet filled chocolate 0.59 oz) 22 Kcal.

-Three Benot diet filled chocolate equals same calories than an apple.


105 Kcal approximately.

- Five Benot fruit candies equals a diet dessert.

100 Kcal approximately.




- Sensitive people may experience a laxative effect due to excessive consumption of any of our products.







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