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We are a young company with clear and specific vision: develop products that can be enjoyed by all kind of people and, specially, people suffering from celiac disease, diabetes and obesity. Since we began our journey in this industry, our main objective is to satisfy needs of those who due to this type of health problems, can not give themselves small tastes that we all deserve. That's why we make special candies that do not contain added sugar or gluten and are also low-calories. Candies with which we can all be tempted without guilt, with flavors as rich as those of any other traditionally made sugar products.


Our products are recommended for people suffering from this type of diseases, or simply for those who want to control their weight. Among many benefits that provide to our body, we can highlight generation of additional satiety and contribution of high content of soluble fiber, ideal complement to improve intestinal transit and food digestion. We make our unmistakable goodies with first quality raw materials, under strict controls throughout the production process, using only natural dyes and aromas. And, of course, all our products are trans fats free and low sodium content.



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